Great Learning Materials

Here is a list of learning materials that I consider great. These are the ones that literally provided me with knowledge and capability to improve my professional skills and outlook and advance my development career. I am hopeful you will find it useful too.


Learn UI Design by Erik Kennedy

This is a great place to learn about UI & UX design. It start with basics and learning advices and proceeds with uncovering the details of design principles, proper usage of color, typography. Contains guides to succeed with designing for any medium, whether this is a web site or an iPhone. Courses are packed with additional materials and training tasks. There is also a community that is active and provides quick and helpful feedback on your work.

The DynamoDB Book by Alex DeBrie

This is the book but it comes with supplementary video materials that I highly recommend using.

This book will explain everything about how AWS DynamoDB works. You will learn how to actually do the single-table-design (yes, put all tables in one table), how to organize your data, how to define relationships between data set, how to get and where to store aggregated data. The books will walk you through the simplest scenarios to creating real-world applications with classic relationships and hierarchies.

Clean Code: Architecture & Design Masters Class for Software Developers by Robert C. Martin aka Uncle Bob

This course is a chance to build a thorough understanding of SOLID principles, Design Patterns and Clean Architecture. By participating in the weekly webinars one will be able to ask questions and solidify one's knowledge and skills throughout a 13-week journey.

CSS for JavaScript Developers by Josh Comeau

This course is for anybody who wants to stop guessing and start using CSS and enjoy it.


Refactoring UI

SQL Performance Explained by Markus Winand

The Good Parts of AWS by Daniel Vassallo

Just Fucking Ship by Amy Hoy

Ever wondered what it takes to create your own digital product? Well here is the explanation, this book. It explains and provides advice on the skills anybody need to launch a successful product. And, maybe, if you have what it takes already all you have to do is to just f#cking ship.

Smart and Gets Things Done

This is classic and must-read for anybody involved in hiring and finding talent for organizations, big or small. If you do not like how recruitment or interviewing processes work for you but have no idea how to improve it you will definitely find idea or two about how to do it differently.